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Luna-C Productions

Where no genre is safe

What has been said about us:

From the July 14, 2008 Not just another con weblog by centurywinter:

We watched the Luna C group I mentioned and it was a riot.  They are a talented bunch.

From Urge, a Richmond Va.  quarterly arts, events and boutiques magazine, page 49, Summer 2008 issue.  article by Christopher Howard:

. . .
live entertainment performed by the vaudeville style sci-fi comedy troupe Luna-C. The cast used costumes, effects and puppetry to satirize a mish-mash of fan favorites ranging from anime to Star Trek, Firefly and Harry Potter.

From the Tue, 25 Apr 2006 RavenCon Report (Long!) on the best of Live Journal by Danny Adams (madwriter):

. . .as well as the hysterical Luna-C performances, which aptly described themselves as science-fiction vaudeville. I was particularly fond of the "Mad Goa'uld Disease" and "The Dookus of Hazzard" sketches, though there was also a lot to like about the No Wizard Left Behind / Mr. Potion Sketch, Baltar and Six welcoming their baby toaster (General Electric) into the world, The Brutal Gourmet (a Klingon cooking show), and the NewNewNewNew etc. Newlywed Game, starring the happy couples Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, Jack O'Neill and Sam Carter, and Anakin and Padme.

From the AUG. 15, 2001 VOL 18 ISSUE 4 of The Official Chronicle of the Oldest STARFLEET Chapter in Virginia. The United Starship Jamestown in year 19 of her on-going mission:

. . .Local favorites, the sci-fi comedy troupe "Luna-C," held two performances at the Blood Feud. They’re based here in Hampton Roads and are a must see should they perform at a convention near you. They’ll be performing at "Shore Leave" in Maryland this July. One of their troupe members is Helen Madden, the infamous "Xena: Warrior MilkMaid. Her routine is a howl and is also a must-see. . .

From the September 19, 1997 issue of the Washington Blade:

. . . One of the highlights of the three-day event [WarriorCon] was Luna-C Production's pun-filled half-time show held during the less exciting costume contest. (With only 10 contestants, the costume contest was actually briefer than the half-time show, which ran for over an hour.) With small-scale productions of Xena: Warrior Milkmaid and Xena: The Gay Blade, featuring Xena's Spanish cousin "Xenerita," markedly more feminine and fond of colors than her more popular counterpart, Luna-C won over the crowd of about 150 who attended the function on Saturday night. . . .

excerpt of an article by Christopher Jones

From the July/August  1997 issue of Con-Tour Magazine:

In a little over an hour, they managed to poke fun at Star Wars, Babylon 5, Dr. Who, Marvin the Martian,Star Trek, and Home Improvement.  They also tortured the crowd with some great puns.
Brutal Gourmet at Babtrek